Day 3: 8 Places I want to visit

Today’s challenge is to describe 8 places I would like to go. I was switching between whether to just say countries I want to go to or exact places I want to see, but I decided to tell you all 8 places I really want to see.

One// Assisi- Italy The  first time I heard of this town in Italy was in my English class when we were studying the poem Assisi, my english teacher showed us a lot about this beautiful town and it has become number one on my must see list!

Travel Pictures Ltd

Two// Athens- Greece I love anything to do with mythology and one of the best places in the world to learn more? Athens. My mum went there once and told me it is a must see, it looks absolutely stunning and I am looking forward to going there one day.


Three// The Great Barrier Reef- Australia I think this one is on almost everyone’s list of places to visit and it is definetly on mine. I have always loved anything to do with the sea and this is a once in a life time kind of trip.

Great Barrier Reef

Four// Northern Lights – Iceland (maybe) One of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in the world and one I have wanted to witness for a very long time, I don’t really know which country I will get to see the lights in, maybe Iceland, Finland or even here in the North of Scotland but I do know that I will see them, hopefully.

Northern lights in Thingvellir, Iceland

Five// Gent- Belgium  I have been to Belgium before but not this beautiful city, a pen-pal of mine has told me about a 10 day festival in this city and I would love to go to it and explore Gent.


Six// Barcelona- Spain There are many reasons I want to go to Barcelona but one of my main ones is to see the beautiful architecture done by Gaudi. When I was younger and in art class we studied his masterpieces and I promised to my 12 year old self that I would one day see them so I am going to keep this promise to my younger self and go there.


Seven//Madagascar for the Baobab trees- Madagascar is home to one of my favourite animals the ring tailed lemur and when watching a programme about these beautiful animals they looked at the Baobab trees, they are so different than anything around where I live that I would love to see them, so in the future I hope to tour Madagascar.

baobab trees

Eight// Christchurch- New Zealand I have family in Christchurch that I have never seen in person so it is semi a personal reason that I want to visit New Zealand and also partly thanks to Peter Jackson,when watching the video blogs on how the Hobbit films were made and seeing the places they filmed in. Well that just put New Zealand on my ultimate must see list, I already have my list of places to visit in this beautiful country.

 new zealand


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