Day 1: Ten things about me


I decided that I was going to do a challenge but the problem was deciding what one to do! So I went searching and couldn’t find one right for me and this blog. There are a lot of people doing the 100 days of happiness one and they are amazing, but I just don’t think that would be right for me and would be boring for you all, you would get a lot of happy days of me just watching t.v or drinking hot chocolate, my life isn’t exciting enough to do that challenge. So I continued hunting the internet until I found this one. The 10 day blog challenge. For the next ten days I will do a challenge where you will get to know a little bit more about me, just a heads up I am a little eccentric! So here goes, Day 1:

One// I can throw things quite well. Anyone who know me knows that me and sports don’t quite mix, in fact anything that involves me using my feet doesn’t work out all to well- including walking! I am such a clutz it is beyond real, one of my friends says I should have a recorder on me at all times to capture all the moments I land on my bum! For some reason however I am actually really good at throwing a javelin, of course I only ever did it at school (came first in the class- yes I am bragging, it’s the one and only time I got near being first) Also, I am quite good at archery and just throwing things in general. So there is a weird fact about myself.

Two// I have brown eyes. There are so many amazing eye colours that people have like purple or grey or green but for me I just have traditional old brown eyes

Three// I speak Italian. I 100% hated learning french at school so I learned Italian instead. I can speak Italian quite well ( mainly to a two year old, the only Italian person I have spoken too actually) So here is me speaking Italian and never actually been to Italy. I will get there one day and I will tell you all about it.

Four// I like Rugby. I am not a sporty person, do not understand cricket, can sometimes watch football, would be a good goalie except I am scared of the ball hitting me ( another career path I cannot do *sigh*) But one sport I do love is Rugby, I can sit and watch it for hours, and I will be, I have tickets for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this summer! So excited, I really want to see New Zealand. Also, I was in Edinburgh and walked right through the Scottish Rugby team! I was half their size, and me being me just froze when I saw them.

Five// I love musicals. Guilty pleasure I know but what can I say, my all time favourite movie is Singing in the Rain and my favourite live musical is Phantom of the Opera (what a fiasco I had to get to that show but it was worth it)

Six// Combat Boots. Almost all of my outfits involve my combat boots. They are comfy and brilliant, best for Scottish weather I can wear them in all seasons and they just look awesome!

Seven// I own more books than some shops sell- Some girls have a lot of bags, some have a lot of shoes, me? I own more books than some shops do, It’s an obsession I will admit that but I love books so nope I don’t regret it, not one bit.

Eight// My middle name is Mary. Not a lot of people know that but it is, my mum couldn’t decide whether to make it part of my first name or not (I almost had a two word first name, that would have been confusing, just think of how many nicknames I would have had) so instead she made it my middle name. Personal fact.

Nine// I blush… A LOT.  I really don’t like this about myself but I blush at everything, just keep getting redder and redder. It is really bad when I am in public, I am not good being the center of attention. I would much rather be on the sidelines,the blushing makes for very red presentations.

Ten// I like fanfiction. I know a lot of people don’t and look down on fanfiction writers but I really appreciate there work and love the read their stories, and in some cases the stories are much better than the originals. (my opinion) For many, writing fanfiction is the first step to begin writing their own books so if it wasn’t for fanfiction some of your favourite books might not exist.


5 thoughts on “Day 1: Ten things about me

  1. What a nice way to learn more about a person. I am crazy about books as well. Unfortunately I am lacking space and thus thousands of my books have to make do within their respective packing case … 🙂

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