Mad for Superheroes


Is 2014 the year of the superheroes? Is this the replacement for the supernatural vampire phenomenon?

Everywhere I turn there is superheroes, TV programmes, books, comics, movies, t-shirts and much, much more! Now I love superheroes, superman will always be my first love but where has this obsession come from? I mean the world has always loved them, the comic sales can attest to that and superhero movies have never failed to draw crowds however this year, and the last couple, this love of these heroes has went supernova! 

DC Comics and Marvel have truly become the number ones these last few years, from batman to Iron man to superman to Captain America, the movie franchises have boomed. The avengers assemble is one of the biggest and best box office hits ever as well as Captain America; the winter soldier.

Not only in the movie business thought, superheroes have taken over TV as well shows such as Arrow and Smallville, and the new ones that are coming The Flash and Gotham ( super excited! ) The amount of superhero shows just goes to show how popular Superheros are at the present time.

Additionally, there is more than just what is on screen that shows me how big this “fandom” is such as the growing success of comic con, lots of superhero t-shirts- like the one my friend got me with kitty versions of the avengers ( she knows me so well 🙂 ) my favourite was Iron Meow. Anyway, back on topic, also my towns Galaday this year ( children’s day parade ) is based on Superheroes! So that will be amazing to see lots of Captain America and Thor’s running around, at least I know what T-shirt I am wearing to the parade!

So superheroes are the new big thing and it is only going to get bigger what with the new Tv shows and big movies that are coming in the next couple of years. I don’t know about the rest of the world but I am definetly mad for superheroes!

And yes I have finally figured out my favourite one and it is Agent Phil Coulson ( I am counting him as my favourite! although if I got to choose to be one the Black Widow would probably be my choice 🙂 )


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