How to Train Your Dragon review


I had never even thought to watch this film for a long time, not even when I saw the trailer for the second film a few months ago. I just wasn’t interested in an animation film like this which is strange even for me as there are dragons in it, which I love! 

Anyway the other day I was out the back in the sun all day so when I came in I just turned the TV on and there was this movie, From the first scene I saw I couldn’t look away, it was brilliant and hilarious and almost made me cry once or twice. The actors were brilliant and their voices just added to the movie as a whole,  Gerard Butler in particular was completely awesome with his strong Scottish accent. Of course for me Toothless just stole the movie. ( Yes, I have watched many movies simply because there are dragons in them)

Not only the movie itself but the soundtrack is beautiful and compelling and for me just added that extra spark to this whole movie. John Powell is a fantastic composer that just gets everything perfect especially the flying scenes. Ever since I watched this amazing movie I have been listening to the soundtrack and watching lots of clips on youtube, next step is to buy the DVD.

The second movie is coming out here at the end of the month and I cannot wait, it looks like it will be a brilliant sequel, I have been constantly looking at trailers and clips for it and I am so excited! Especially excited to see Cate Blanchett and Kit  Harrington in the new movie as well.

I cannot believe it took me this long to watch this and for anyone else who has not seen it, please, put it on your list as  you will find it to be brilliant, hopefully 🙂


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