TV has ruined me

I know, I know I have not been updating this blog for a while now and it is mainly due to my t.v.

So this whole thing about being able to watch whole seasons on TV is brilliant, it allows us to catch up on shows we missed, to find new ones and to re-watch ones we love. However, I might just have too many tv shows that I love that are now available and it is ruining my social life ( not that it was great to begin with 🙂 ) There are too may good shows on tv ( and online as well, the legal ones! ) and I have spent the last week watching lots of programmes, I have three episodes to go to finish all of SMASH, I am watching all of the Spartacus series and someone conveniently put on every season of scrubs so by the end of this summer I will be a couch potato.

However, there were other reasons I have not been blogging, many great stories were made and you will here them very shortly, promise!

So lots of book reviews, movie reviews, travel stories and great places to be in Edinburgh are coming your way!  …… as soon as I am done with SMASH ( cannot believe they canceled that show 😦 )


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