I spy…..


So today my mum and I went to pick up my gran and granda from the bus station where they were late because …. I don’t really know but the bus was late and my mum and I were stuck in the car, in the sun ( Yes! There was sun in Scotland) on a lovely Friday night for around 45 minutes.

We then resulted in a good old game of I spy, where as was typical with my mum and I in these situations, we ended up bickering. Not in the usual I am going to rip my hair out bickering but the  laughing too hard I can’t breath, i am blaming you for this, I love this game bickering. Every time it was my turn my mum got the right answer first go and for me… well let’s just say I might have gotten one or two right 🙂 Not my best game.

This simple game reminded me of how much technology is a part of our lives today, that games like I spy have been replaced with tablets and phones and ipods, that we spend to much time “alone” with these machines instead of interacting with those around us and it was really nice just to have that moment with my mum in the sun playing a game away from the hustle and bustle of life and work. It’s the simple things in life that count and this is one of mine.


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