The Granite City



When you think of a Scottish city you tend to think of Edinburgh or Glasgow, today I am going to tell you about the “granite city” otherwise known as Aberdeen.


It is so dubbed this name because most of the buildings are made of granite, sometimes the city is known as the silver city as well. This silver city up in the north of Scotland is the kind of city you think of when imagining a fairy tale. It is a magnificent city to visit at any time of the day or year ( they have beautiful summers, lots of sun! unlike the rest of Scotland )


It is right on the harbour so you can see all the fishing boats going out to see and returning, there is a beach where you can see the sea life, it’s an oil city as all the oil rigs are just out to sea and they have their own football team ( soccer 🙂 )


The people are amazing, kind and lovely, although I warn you; if you are not used to a Scottish accent ( you have probably only really heard a glasgow accent) the people of the granite city have very, very strong Scottish accents that you may find hard to understand as they are Aberdonians. But don’t worry you will get the hang of it.

If you hunt around the city there are amazing things to be seen and lots to learn. For example, there is this old graveyard in the city next to the roads and as you pass one corner you can see a statue of a ship’s steering wheel, it is the grave of a captain from a long time ago with an interesting story behind it.

There is lots to do in the city for entertainment; shops, cafes, pubs, nightclub and concert halls. It is a city for everyone whether you would like a lovely get away or a place to party. One time when I went to a concert up in Aberdeen I walked back to the hotel, about two/ three miles in a vest top in the middle of winter. ( Not sensible but looking back it’s my story to tell people that I am tough (haha yeah right 🙂 )

Anyway, if you are ever in Scotland take some time and visit this beautiful city


P.s its just under a three hour drive to Nessie in Loch Ness from the granite city 🙂

see more about aberdeen here



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