Everything and nothing


Summer is here, University is finished and I have a grand plan for the summer and do you know what I am doing?

Hee-Haw that’s what! I have a blog to write, books to read, programmes to watch, a house to clean and a language to learn and yet I have no motivation at all, I have spend the last few days “Busy doing nothing” 

I have had to force myself to read books and that is not like me!  I am just not interested in things the now, the couch seems to be the only thing I like at the moment. Anyway this lack of motivation is going to disappear ( against it’s will or not ) and I am going to return to my summer plan, starting with this blog! I have been absent for far too long from this blog and that will be changing quickly, lots of stories to talk about, now I just need to make the effort to tell them which I will, promise 🙂


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