Sharing obsessions

Let’s be honest here, we are all guilty of having obsessions and then subtly ( or not ) try and convince your friends, family or strangers to have the obsession.

Most famously is getting others to watch tv shows, movies, and books.
Especially books like The Fault In Our Stars which hit us emotionally and then sneakily convince others to read it to share your pain. < this one happened to me! Thanks for that I was an emotional wreck.

But that's what we do, we find things that we love and we have to share them, find others that love thing just as much as us and obsess over it together. Plus we have tumblr, the kingdom of fans!

I will tell you my all time obsession that I have convinced others too watch and they have also become obsessed with: Game of Thrones the tv show and created from The Song of Ice and Fire book series by G.R.R.Martin, I cannot get enough of this! It's my all time favourite everything, tv show, book series, author and there is Charles Dance, nothing beats that guy!

Anyway this was just a quick thought while I was on break at work, if there's anything you have loved and passed on to others feel free to share it 🙂


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