Apocalypse plan!!!


Boredom can lead to a lot of different things, in my friends case it was

t0 create Apocalypse plans for when the zombies come ( because that’s the only apocalypse scenario they think will happen) there ideas included running for the hills ( literaly) going underground, fighting, and my favourite getting the comedian Kevin Bridges to keep us company. A nyway I thought long and hard about this (not really) and decide like those in the book series monument 14 which was written by Emmy Laybourne I will camp out in a superstore like COSTCO. ┬áThe only reason I remember this old conversation between my friends was when I went to COSTCO yesterday and overheard someone say they could live in that store. I think quite a few people could live in a superstore like that.

It was a good day to go there, I haven’t been in a while and after running into a few too many trollies ( the place was packed ) and watching quite a few fights, people get very angry in that place, I finally got my smoothie that I was promised for making the trek to the store, it was delicious although they did not give me a lid and considering that I have already spilled a smoothie in their before it was a hazard!

Anyway, this is just a short post to express what boredom can lead to, and too many dystopian books and tv shows



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