3 Star Sundays


When I was in my last year of high school ( one year ago! ) they introduced a new marking system called 3 stars and a wish, basically we got a pass or a fail ( to save us from worrying about the mark we got, but it was pointless cause all we did was worry about what mark we would have got anyway ) okay rant over, back on task now, sorry about that. The three star system was three things you did and one “wish”, something to improve on.

I have decided to use a form of this system and make a 3 star sunday post that I will continue every week and it goes like this… I will write 3 different things that i did this week, watch/ read listen to and then one ” wish ” for the week ahead.

Let’s get started with the first one then. 3 tv shows I watched this week

  • Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ( for those of you who don’t know I have a “slight” obsession with marvel 🙂 )
  • Game of Thrones ( bit of a slow start to the episode this week but what an ending! )
  • Chicago Fire ( Tender hooks, all I am saying)

3 songs I listened to this week

  • Black Roses by Clare Bowen ( written by Lucy Schwartz ) words cannot describe my love for this song, check it out here
  • That’s My Kind Of Night by Luke Bryan ( I’ve listened to a lot of country music this week, don’t normally do but it is a perfect genre for summer ) listen to it here 
  • Hear me by Imagine Dragons ( wow, just wow) In yesterdays post songs for the road I talked about how much I love this bands album Night visions, this song is on repeat on my playlist! check it out here

3 things I read this week

  • Lots of exam notes ( boring but true I had exams this week and there was a lot of notes to read
  • Paper Towns by John green ( just started it) but it’s looking good and is on my may reading list to getting on with it!
  • Lots of articles on the page to premiere website, it’s all articles about different books that are made/ being made into movies, so if there are any movies that are being made from books you love check it out.

Wish for next week: finally convince someone to go see Godzilla with me ( I am terrified of the last movie, childhood nightmare, first scary film I ever saw, think I was 7 , bad for a 7 year old, well me anyway, so decided to conquer my fear and go see it, there are posters and trailers everywhere I look so I  NEED to conquer this fear soon )
P.s sorry for the dodgey star, artist is not a title I can fall under 🙂


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