A town by the sea


At the weekend there I went on holiday to a beautiful town just an hour away from where I live. It’s definetly a place I would recommend people going to if you are ever in Scotland, not far from Glasgow so it would make a nice little day-trip. It has everything you could ever ask for; the sea, lovely people and a great high street full of shops and restaurants , really more of a small city with the feel of the traditional small town. I am moving there when I am older. Its decided, my mind cannot be changed!

20140516-210840.jpg                     20140516-210854.jpg                     20140516-210949.jpg

Here are some of the post-cards I bought from a little knick-knach store in the center of town for my pen-pals. As you can see Ayr is the birthplace of  Robert “Rabbie” Burns. To celebrate being the birthplace of the poet they have a festival every year and they also have the visitors museum where you can see where he was born etc. We stayed in a beautiful caravan, and if you look closely at the tree there is a magpie in it! I have never been so close to one before.

20140516-211029.jpg           20140516-210915.jpg     20140516-210926.jpg 20140516-210940.jpg

One of the main reasons I love going to Ayr is the beautiful beach where you can go for long walks or just sit down and have a great day with friends and family, here is some pictures from one of my walks and some of the beautiful  shells and stones I saw.


And finally if the town and seaside has not caught your attention, look at this giant cookie that can be bought! It was delicious, the food was delicious.


If anyone wants to know anything about Ayr or anywhere else in Scotland/ The UK  just ask me and I will answer/ write a post about it etc !














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