Exams, Books and Summer


Day 3:  Today was a good day ( except the dancing incident of course) Last exam finished, did a 2 hour exam, in 29 minutes then sat and panicked for awhile because of how fast I did it, but then I took my time looked it over and my three days of exams are officially over!  Summer is officially here! well in my mind at least, I live in Scotland so who knows if the weather will be good 🙂

Today, apart from the lack of sleep, I had to get up early today ( not a morning person ) I do not know how people can do that! I envy you all! Sat the exam which I think went pretty well, then celebrated the end of exams and first year with a nice costa hot beverage, yum. After getting the train back, i still had to get the bus home, and my day got better as I got the bus for free! ( second time that’s happened this week, I got the train free yesterday!) maybe it was down to the magpies I saw.

So that is it, exams are over and Uni is over till September! I have something exciting coming up over the summer which I will tell you all about late on but for now it’s a secret. Summer for me this year means actually doing something instead of just sitting around  reading books, not that that’s a bad thing, reading will be making up a large portion of my summer like it usually does, many, many books to read, I have large piles around the house. I will also be sitting my driving test, no more evil buses for me! I can drive I have just put off sitting the actual test. I have a feeling, I am going to completely fail that test ( crashed into a bin, who even does that!, well except me of course but I am scater-brained so…) And my final task of the summer is to officially learn Spanish, i thought since I basically go to Spain every year and want to travel the world, i would learn the language fluently. I know bits and pieces the now, like “can i get a glass of red wine,please”  but i need to branch out a bit.

Now wish me luck, I have the Doctors tomorrow and there’s going to  be needles!



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