This is a continued post of my embarrassing and sometimes hilarious moments, check out my last true story here!

Anyway so today I went shopping with the family and while they were discussing the merits of something I do not eat, I started to daydream ( lack of sleep and REALLY early morning today )and half-listened to a song playing in the store. Then I started to dance,  not the all out Micheal Jackson dance level but just a sway of the head and a little shoulder movement when a ( I will say cute) employee walked past and commented on my dancing skills, naturally I turned bright red and hid behind my dad. Safe to say I was mortified!

So with my dad laughing at my embarrassment I quickly ushered everyone onward with the shopping, just when my skin returned to its normal colour the cute employee appears again and starts up a conversion about me dancing, I then get to learn he is going to be at my university next year! It’s a big University so hopefully I will not have to suffer further embarrassment, it just means i am going to have to find a new store to shop in 😦 So that’s another life lesson learned, watch where I am dancing and get more sleep!


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