Exams, Starbucks and Friends


Day 2 of exams today and Business for me is officially finished! No more CSR for me I will gladly be moving onto more Psychology related courses and exams next year.
Only one more day of exams tomorrow and then that’s first year of University done!

I have to admit I would not have been able to get this far in Uni if it wasn’t for the amazing friends I have that keep me Sane, especially during stressful three days of exams. Today was no different, after our enterprise exam where I honestly had no clue what I wrote about, we all went to Starbucks where we had some lovely coffee, tea etc and had a good laugh ( we haven’t seen each other in a month! )
Even though it was supposed to be a revision session ( still counts we looked at like one page of note! ) we spent most of it catching up and having a write old laughing session.

Over the year at Uni I have developed a love for Starbucks, Costa basically anywhere I can get coffee, hot chocolate etc and I missed that over the last month so i was also thankful for that today, I don’t know what I will do when summer officially starts and I’m not at Uni anymore, might just have to learn how to make a proper coffee 🙂

I have one more exam to do tomorrow and it’s the big one so I think I’ll be up late tonight studying, even though I have to get the early train tomorrow morning, oh well that’s what the coffee is for. Wish me luck!


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