Books for May


My reading list for May,
Okay yes I have at least 20 books sitting around waiting to be read, but I went shopping today and could not resist getting The book Thief and Paper Towns.

There’s four books on my list for now;

1. The white Queen- Philippa Gregory
This is borrowed from a friend who could not praise this author and he series enough, so here goes!

2. Paper Town- John Green
As he is the author of one of my favourite books, I have decided to try and read all of John Green’s books, so far I’ve only read The Fault in our stars ( who’s excited for the movie?) and Looking for Alaska. Looking forward to it 🙂

3. The Book Thief- Markus Susak
Another book that was made into a movie ( haven’t seen it) but I have heard nothing but high praise for it, and many have recommended it to me so here goes 🙂

4. A clash of kings- G.R.R.Martin
Okay so I may have already read all the books of the series, so far, of A song of Ice and Fire and am “slightly” obsessed with it, and the tv show 🙂 But G.R.R.Martin continues to be my favourite author and I just have to re-read them all again!


3 thoughts on “Books for May

  1. Have fun reading! I bet you’ll love Paper Towns and The Book Thief, I certainly did. Plus, you can’t go wrong with A Song of Ice and Fire. It always takes me a while to read G. R. R. Martin though, so I’d save it for last.

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